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The Value of a Team Library

Start Time

December 19, 2020 at 12:00:00 AM


1 Hour

The Value of a Team Library
William and Evan

FRC 5024

I am William, I am currently in grade 12 at HB Beal ss, I am also the current programming team lead of FRC 5024. This is my second year doing robotics. Evan Pratten is the former programming team lead and this is his 4th year doing robotics.

About the Presentation

Lib5k is a massive Java library written by the programming team of FRC 5024. Lib5k started three years ago when we found a need for a unified library. Since then Lib5k has been continually improved upon, and has allowed our team to excel in all aspects of programming in FRC. Over the course of this presentation we’d like to inform you of how we have improved our development through the use of our standard programming library. You’ll learn how having our own library has let us improve our code year after year, How the library has allowed us to reuse proven code, and helped our programming team keep up with the rest of the team during build season. This presentation assumes that you have an understanding of FRC programming.

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