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Teaching Programming Remotely with Inexpensive Home Robots

Start Time

December 19, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM


1 Hour

Teaching Programming Remotely with Inexpensive Home Robots
Brett and Jonah

Mechanical Advantage 6328

"Jonah leads Team 6328's software team. A sophomore in high school, he is the driving force behind 6328's sophisticated scouting system, has created a full-custom automated attendance-tracking system used in the team's facility, and is the primary creator of the training program described in this presentation. He enjoys helping the team's software students master new skills.

Brett is a founding mentor of Team 6328 ""Mechanical Advantage"". A professional software engineer by day, he focuses on software, controls, and electrical systems with the team.

About the Presentation

This presentation describes a program developed and used by FRC Team 6328 to develop programming skills in a remote-teaching context. The approach uses inexpensive, commercially-available robots that students work with at home. Through a series of engaging week-by-week challenges, it teaches fundamental programming and robotics-control concepts. Topics taught include core programming constructs, use of encoders, gyro and proximity sensors, closed-loop control, and event loops. This serves as an introduction for later work with FRC robot software.

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