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Simple 2D Robot Simulation and Applications

Start Time

December 19, 2020 at 1:00:00 AM


1 Hour

Simple 2D Robot Simulation and Applications
Joshua and Cameron

Frog Force 503


I have been involved with FIRST for 7 years, I started off with FLL and went through the progression of programs: 2 years of FLL, 2 years of FTC; 3 of those 4 years I was the programming lead for those respective teams. Now I have finished my third year on FRC Team Frog Force where I am a Programming Co-lead and have been the robot driver for the past 2 years.


I started my experience with FIRST in 6th grade on an FLL team for one year, and then did two years of FTC. This is my third year programming for 503."

About the Presentation

With the current disruptions of COVID-19, teams, FRC especially, have been struggling to find ways to work virtually. Programmers are looking for ways to test their code but are not able to do so without the physical presence of the robot. The concepts of simulation in this presentation will cover how to quickly learn the ways you can test your code with a simple visual aid written in Java. It is a great way to learn animations and physical aspects of simple motors.

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