Neural Nets, ROS, and Zebracorns - Oh My! A Zebracorn Bedtime Story

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1 Hour


The Zebracorns (FRC Team 900)

Marshall is a North Carolina native with a background in all things digital. He is an alumnus from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and North Carolina State University. Marshall is a senior consultant for VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, where he helps companies accelerate their digital transformation by enabling them to have freedom and flexibility in how they build and evolve their IT environments.

About the Presentation

Back in 2017, The Zebracorns began using ROS on FRC robots and we continue to evolve our approach, tools, and processes around it. This talk will explore the question we get most often from others in FRC - "Why?". In a uniquely Zebracorn way, we will tell the story of how The Zebracorns came to use ROS and what exactly it has to do with using Neural Networks for Object Detection with Machine Learning in FRC. Join us for a Zebracorn bedtime story (whatever time zone you are in, it's bedtime somewhere).

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