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Emotional AI

Start Time

December 19, 2020 at 1:00:00 AM


1 Hour

Emotional AI

FTC Team 15534

Tanya has been part of VERTEX Robotics' outreach team at Phillips Exeter Academy for 2 years! She loves STEM, robotics, and the environment. In the past, she's also participated in underwater robotics - MATE and SeaPerch - and led her teams to place internationally. Tanya loves outreach, especially motivating youth to use STEM and innovate solutions for environmental issues! In her spare time, Tanya loves music and art.

About the Presentation

People base their decisions on emotions, not on rational facts. AI can be used to detect emotions - facial expressions, voice patterns, eye movements, word choice, etc. This is the broad field of "Emotional AI." Emotional AI has applications in many fields - marketing, medicine, education, even video games! Today, with more of society being digital, Emotional AI has huge potential to change our online experience, but all of this comes with certain risks. Join us to learn more about how we can build a responsible future with Emotional AI!

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