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Developing iOS Apps with SwiftUI

Start Time

December 19, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM


1 Hour

Developing iOS Apps with SwiftUI

FRC 503 Frog Force

My name is Sanjith. I am a freshman at Novi High School. I have been part of FIRST for 5 years including 2 years in FLL on the Techno Tadpoles and 3 years in FTC on the Black Frogs. Now I'm in FRC on Frog Force, keeping with the Frog Family. Besides programming on my robotics teams, I like programming as a hobby and have developed several applications using many different tools and languages.

About the Presentation

This presentation will cover an introduction to SwiftUI, Apple's declarative user interface system. SwiftUI allows developers to create beautiful user interfaces in a short time with very little code. In this presentation, I will walk you through the framework from the ground up, starting with the basics of creating an application with an embedded view architecture.

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