Connecting Onshape and LEGO SPIKE Prime for Virtual Robotics Design

Start Time


1 Hour

Owen Gervais

Tufts University

I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University. I am especially interested in robotics, automation, and design. In high school, I participated in my school’s VEX program at Tufts, I have continued to work on robotics research connecting virtual LEGO robots with physical twins through ROS 2.

About the Presentation

In this presentation, I will demo my public LEGO SPIKE Prime Onshape document, created in order to facilitate virtual robotic design and easy entrance to assemblies in Onshape. As a part of the presentation, we will go through the process of setting up your own design workspace and assembling a virtual LEGO robot. In addition, I will show off some cool demos which connect Onshape and the LEGO robotics platform.

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