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About the Event

As with the entire FIRST community, we were deeply disappointed by the postponement of the season. However, just because the competitions are taking a break doesn’t mean that the learning and fun have to stop. The purpose of this event is to give FIRST members and beyond an outlet for their motivation to robotics and STEM. 


The first 24 Hours of STEM was held on June 26th/27th 2020 and saw presenters from all ages and around the world present on everything from Algorithms for Blacksmithing to Programming with Scratch. To see all the previous presentations, check out the Previous Events page.

The second 24 Hours of STEM will begin at 6pm on Friday, December 18th (EST). Join us for 24 hours straight of STEM fun. Presentations are on a variety of topics including all five FIRST programs, LEGO robotics, virtual coding, and more! Please tune in any time during the day of the event and be ready to celebrate all things FIRST robotics and STEM!

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